The Mancunian Way: Manchester and its Music – Part 1: The Punk Revolution

photo4This very first documentary is about the story of the Manchester music scene. Told by BBC’s Mancunian at heart Mark Radcliffe, this 6-part series takes us on a journey from the 60s to nowadays to (re)discover the music that has made Manchester so influential and exciting.

Our story starts in the middle – in the late 70s –¬†with the first part telling us about the massive cultural impact of punk on the Manchester music scene . Or more precisely, how a 50p Sex Pistols gig showed the 40 attendees that everyone could start a band. And they pretty much all did. Joy Division, the Buzzcocks, the Fall, but also more unexpected groups like Simply Red or M People… they all broke away from the ubiquitous 20-minute guitar solos and self indulgent attitudes to reshape popular music.

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The Mancunian Way – Part 1