Behind the Brel: The Story of Jacques Brel – Part 1: An Introduction

Brel Olympia 1964Universally revered in the French speaking world, Jacques Brel is widely considered to be one of the greatest songwriters and performers of all time. But despite having sold tens of millions of records and some of his songs being adapted by the likes of David Bowie and Nina Simone, he still remains subject to a modest cult following in the English speaking world.

In part 1 of this BBC documentary series, Brel’s friends and collaborators introduce us to the world of the Belgian genius. They discuss the beauty, complexity and power of his literary lyrics, as well as the extroardinary way he embodied them on stage, in the pure tradition of French chanson.

Part 2: The Existentialist
Part 3: Hungry for Life
The Selected Playlist

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Behind The Brel: The Story of Jacques Brel – Part 1: An Introduction