The Story of Riot Grrrl – Part 2: Interview with Kathleen Hanna

kathleen_hanna_bikini_killThis is the second in a series of posts about Riot Grrrl, the feminist punk rock movement. The previous part is a BBC documentary that you can listen to here: Part 1: Riot Grrrls.

To continue with our rediscovery of Riot Grrrl, here’s an interview from CBC Radio of one of its pioneers: Kathleen Hanna. Lead singer and songwriter of the seminal Riot Grrrl band Bikini Kill, she looks back on her beginnings with the band and the movement in Olympia, Washington: her anger, the deliberate amateurism, her unvarnished performances that were often met with negative reactions and even violence. She reflects on the evolutions of feminism and Bikini Kill’s influence on today’s bands such as Pussy Riot.

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The Story of Riot Grrrl – Part 2: Interview with Kathleen Hanna