Don’t Look Back in Anger: The Story of Britpop – The Selected Playlist

spotify-logo-6f9f4If you’ve enjoyed Don’t Look Back in Anger, The Story of Britpop, here’s the Spotify playlist where you can listen to the best tracks featured in the documentary. Unfortunately, tracks from a couple artists – namely Oasis and Elastica – are unavailable on Spotify in some countries. So you’ll need to have the local files to be able to play these.

The whole documentary series is of course still available for download:
Part 1: Britain Strikes BackPart 2: Cool BritanniaPart 3: Oasis vs BlurPart 4: The Party’s Over

Don’t Look Back in Anger: The Story of Britpop – Part 2: Cool Britannia

noelgallagher unionjack guitarThis is the second part of Don’t Look Back in Anger, a BBC documentary about the Britpop era. Part 1: Britain Strikes Back, Part 3: Oasis vs Blur, Part 4: The Party’s Over, The Selected Playlist.

Pulp, Suede, Elastica… All the bands of the vibrant Britpop scene had a thing of their own. But the one thing they had in common was their distinctive britishness, whether it was the way they made music or the way they looked. This renewal in Britain’s cultural pride came to be known as ‘Cool Britannia’ and quickly caught the attention of politicians such as the young and music loving new prime minister: New Labour’s Tony Blair. By the mid 90s, the movement had completely broken into the mainstream and rock was back to the top of the charts.

Listen here:

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Don’t Look Back in Anger: The Story of Britpop – Part 2