The Great Bleep Forward: The History of Electronic Music – Part 3: The Advent of Dance Music

This is the third part of The Great Bleep Forward, a BBC 6 documentary series about the history of electronic music. Listen to the previous parts here: Part 1: The Pioneers, Part 2: Synths for the Masses.

advent-dance-musicLike the declining cost of synthesizers in the late 70s early 80s lead to a new era in popular music, the introduction of the microchip offered bands a whole new way to make music. As their equipment became more and more sophisticated and cheap, they mastered the art of sampling. Making music became so much easier that soon they didn’t need studios anymore. In fact they didn’t need musicians either, starting with the drummer, so easily replaced by the lastest drumbox.
All this pushed people to make sounds that had never been heard before, bringing us the Dance Music revolution with the advent of Chicago House and Detroit Techno.

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The Great Bleep Forward – Part 3