Don’t Look Back in Anger: The Story of Britpop – Part 1: Britain Strikes Back

jarvis cocker supermarketThis BBC documentary recalls an era when, for the first time in the UK since punk, music became the focus point of the mainstream media, homegrown bands were incredibly successful and some of the best albums of the 90’s were produced. This is the story of Britpop. Part 2: Cool BritanniaPart 3: Oasis vs BlurPart 4: The Party’s Over, The Selected Playlist.

In the early 90’s, grunge took over the world. But after Kurt Cobain’s death, the US-dominated music landscape quickly became boring and was to be shaken by a new breed of British bands. Bands who were reexploring the history of british pop, who were proud of their cultural heritage and whose lyrics the British youth could really relate to. The media quickly took interest and soon the likes of Suede, Pulp, Oasis, Blur and many others were all over the music press, the radios and their rock and roll adventures all over the tabloids. And, breaking from the British indie tradition, these bands weren’t scared to be big…

Listen here:

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Don’t Look Back in Anger: The Story of Britpop – Part 1


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