The David Bowie Story – Part 6: Falling Down, Standing Up

This is the sixth and last part of The David Bowie Story, a BBC documentary series about the life and times of one of the greatest and most influential artists in modern music. Listen to the previous parts here: Part 1: The Apprenticeship, Part 2: One Man Against the World, Part 3: Fame, Part 4: Don’t Normalise It, Part 5: Out Of Characters, Into Suits.

David Bowie Sukita Tin MachineAlthough music critics are unimpressed since 1983’s Let’s Dance, David Bowie keeps meeting commercial success. To support his latest album Never Let Me Down, he plans the “Glass Spider Tour”, a spectacular and very ambitious show which became a template for mainstream pop stars tours such as Madonna’s or Prince’s.
But in 1989, leaving his more recently acquired fan base, he teams with other musicians to form a hard rock band: Tin Machine. The band dissolves after 3 years and Bowie confirms his reputation as a musical chameleon by returning to his solo career with a soul album: Black Tie White Noise.

(This documentary was produced in 1993)

Listen here:

Download Link (right-click > save as):
The David Bowie Story – Part 6


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