The Mancunian Way: Manchester and its Music – Part 5: The Haçienda

This is the fifth part of the Mancunian Way, a BBC documentary series about Manchester and its music. Listen to the previous parts here: Part 1: The Punk Revolution, Part 2: The British Beat Boom, Part 3: Factory Records, Part 4: Mainstream Hit Makers.

HaciendaIn the late 80s and early 90s Manchester was the most fashionable place of earth. It was the era of the Haçienda, a music venue/club set up by Factory Records in a former warehouse that played the most eclectic music. And with its no door policy, it attracted the widest variety of people. The Haçienda saw the explosion of cult bands like The Happy Mondays and The Stones Roses, brought the Chicago and Detroit electronic music scene to Europe and played a huge part in defining the acid house and rave movement. Whether its success relied on great records, cheap lager or cheap drugs is, however, open for debate.

Listen here:

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The Mancunian Way – Part 5


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